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Hugo + Tailwind CSS Starter and Boilerplate

Hugoplate is a free starter template built with Hugo, and TailwindCSS, providing everything you need to jumpstart your Hugo project and save valuable time.

Made with ♥ by Zeon Studio

If you find this project useful, please give it a ⭐ to show your support.

👀 Demo | Page Speed (95+)🚀

license code size contributors

🎁 What's Included

We have included almost everything you need to start your Hugo project. Let's see what's included in this template:

📌 Key Features

  • 👥 Multi-Authors
  • 🎯 Similar Posts Suggestion
  • 🔍 Search Functionality
  • 🌑 Dark Mode
  • 🏷️ Tags & Categories
  • 🔗 Netlify setting pre-configured
  • 📞 Support contact form
  • 📱 Fully responsive
  • 📝 Write and update content in Markdown
  • 💬 Disqus Comment
  • 🔳 Syntax Highlighting

📄 15+ Pre-designed Pages

  • 🏠 Homepage
  • 👤 About
  • 📞 Contact
  • 👥 Authors
  • 👤 Author Single
  • 📝 Blog
  • 📝 Blog Single
  • 🚫 Custom 404
  • 💡 Elements
  • 📄 Privacy Policy
  • 🏷️ Tags
  • 🏷️ Tag Single
  • 🗂️ Categories
  • 🗂️ Category Single
  • 🔍 Search

📦 Tech Stack

🚀 Getting Started

First you need to clone or download the template repository, and then let's get started with the following process:

⚙️ Prerequisites

To start using this template, you need to have some prerequisites installed on your machine.

👉 Project Setup

We build this custom script to make your project setup easier. It will create a new Hugo theme folder, and clone the Hugoplate theme into it. Then move the exampleSite folder into the root directory. So that you can start your Hugo server without going into the exampleSite folder. Use the following command to setup your project.

npm run project-setup

👉 Install Dependencies

Install all the dependencies using the following command.

npm install

👉 Development Command

Start the development server using the following command.

npm run dev

🎬 Still Confused? Watch a Quick Video

📝 Customization

This template has been designed with a lot of customization options in mind. You can customize almost anything you want, including:

👉 Site Config

You can change the site title, base URL, language, theme, plugins, and more from the hugo.toml file.

👉 Site Params

You can customize all the parameters from the config/_default/params.toml file. This includes the logo, favicon, search, SEO metadata, and more.

👉 Colors and Fonts

You can change the colors and fonts from the data/theme.json file. This includes the primary color, secondary color, font family, and font size.

You can change the social links from the data/social.json file. Add your social links here, and they will automatically be displayed on the site.

🛠 Advanced Usage

We have added some custom scripts to make your life easier. You can use these scripts to help you with your development.

👉 Update Theme

If you want to update the theme, then you can use the following command. It will update the theme to the latest version.

npm run update-theme

Note: This command will work after running project-setup script.

👉 Update Modules

We have added a lot of modules to this template. You can update all the modules using the following command.

npm run update-modules

👉 Remove Dark Mode

If you want to remove dark mode from your project, you can use the following command to remove dark mode from your project.

npm run remove-darkmode

Note: This command will work before running project-setup script. If you already run the project-setup command, then you have to run npm run theme-setup first, and then you can run this command. afterward, you can run npm run project-setup again.

🚀 Build And Deploy

After you finish your development, you can build or deploy your project almost everywhere. Let's see the process:

👉 Build Command

To build your project locally, you can use the following command. It will purge all the unused CSS and minify all the files.

npm run build

👉 Deploy Site

We have provided 5 different deploy platform configurations with this template, so you can deploy easily.

And if you want to Host some other hosting platforms. then you can build your project, and you will get a public folder. that you can copy and paste on your hosting platform.

Note: You must change the baseURL in the hugo.toml file. Otherwise, your site will not work properly.

🔒 Guide to Staying Compliant

🐞 Reporting Issues

We use GitHub Issues as the official bug tracker for this Template. Please Search existing issues. It’s possible someone has already reported the same problem. If your problem or idea has not been addressed yet, feel free to open a new issue.

📝 License

Copyright (c) 2023 - Present, Designed & Developed by Zeon Studio

Code License: Released under the MIT license.

Image license: The images are only for demonstration purposes. They have their license, we don't have permission to share those images.

🖼️ Showcase

List of some projects people are building with Hugoplate!

Open Neuromorphic AI Models Hugobricks ONO LLC
Open Neuromorphic AI Models Hugobricks ONO LLC

💻 Need Customization?

If you need a custom theme, theme customization, or complete website development services from scratch you can Hire Us.